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Royal Ugly Duckling by Clara Reese


When Odette's mom married a billionaire, she and her twin sister, Bella, moved to Lathonia, became heiresses, and subject of news articles. Chubby, plain, saddled with braces, Odette is a stark counterpoint to her twin's golden gorgeousness and is quickly dubbed 'ugly duckling' by the media. A moniker that the mean girls of the super-exclusive school she attends are quick to adopt to bully her. 

Odette finds sanctuary in books and a secret crush on the athletic Ashley, who is also the princess of the kingdom. One afternoon, a stray kick of the football hits Odette in her face, and Ashley quickly comes to her rescue carrying her to the infirmary and caring for her in multiple ways. Surprisingly, it seems that Ashley has more than noticed Odette and a tentative friendship stars between them with exchange of favourite books.

Things escalate and the two girls have one exquisite night together after which Ashley pulls away.

Devastated, Odette goes ahead to transforms herself into a shallow bitch. Five years later she is all gorgeousness, known as a bed-and-leave-'em heartless bitch, closed off from her family. 

But then, Ashley re-enters her life and the same teen cycles seems to be repeating.

This is a completely superficial escapist book. Odette, the narrator, is far from likeable even before her heart is broken. She is never completely involved with her consistently supportive mother and sister, and obviously disinterested in her three adorable step-sisters. She is so shallow that her response to being dumped is to become 'beautiful'. And all she seems to be really doing with her life five years later is being vain and being cold. When the lead leaves you cold, the book cannot make much of an impression. 

Ashley is never fully sketched out, but from what little is there, she is quite appealing. Though, strangely, for being a bona fide princess, Ashley doesn't seem to have much clout in the school pecking order. 

The best part of the story was the exchange of books between Odette and Ashley and the continual reference to said books all through.

This is a read-and-forget book that is in the strictly okay-with-a-shrug category. 


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