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A Shot at Gold by Nicole Pyland


Madison Fletcher is a quiet, hardworking, determined young lady with a single goal in life -- to win an Olympic gold for archery. Already a national champion, she believes that the right coach can make her Olympic-ready and to Madison that coach is Elodie Booker. When she was competing, Elodie had transcended the gender divide and was known as the best archer in the world. After winning a clutch of medals, culminating in an Olympic gold, Elodie disappeared from the scene post the death of her coach.

Madison gets to know that Elodie is going to be coaching at an archery academy and joins just for her. However, at the last minute Elodie reneges on her coaching commitment. Madison tracks Elodie down and convinces Elodie to become her personal coach.

The relationship between the student and coach is rocky and labours under the baggage Elodie is carrying. It is not exactly helped when the attraction between them becomes impossible to ignore.

Madison is such a wonderful person. Initially, she does seem a little cocky about her skills but as you get to know her you realise she's just confident. She is matter of fact, honest, open, forgiving and one of the most straightforward people ever. She expresses her emotions truthfully and without ambiguity. Whether her ambition, her past, her anger, hurt, attraction or love -- she doesn't prevaricate about expressing. While her goal of the Olympic gold is supposed to be all-consuming, Madison is, in fact, ruled much more by her heart than anything else. She is a great human. We'd love to have such people in our life. 

Elodie, right in the beginning, proves herself to be undependable. She does redeem herself somewhat later, but her biggest positive quality is that Madison likes her and is willing to repeatedly give her chances. 

This is book is an engaging read that we do recommend.

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