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Christmas Gi by A. Emma Hollis


Riley Bale, a Senior Analyst for a non-profit think tank, walks into a plexiglass wall and knocks herself out. When she gets up, she seems to be in a hospital but also seems to be hallucinating a green woman wearing green who keeps appearing and disappearing. To compound Riley’s confusion, the green being introduces herself as Gi and patters something (completely seriously) about Christmas Miracle and Super Bonus.   

Dr. LeAnn Jensen is not having a great morning, what with having a super-bumped up head. She attends to Riley, confirms that the latter is fine and releases her.

When Riley reaches home, Gi is waiting intent on helping Riley find happiness via finding Riley’s Christmas lesson and thus earning her own Super Bonus.

This long-short is the pinnacle of the hard-to-pin-down-yet-madly-funny absurdist (or surreal) humour. The premise is fantastical. The cast of characters are convincingly real and impossibly accepting of the fantastical in their lives.

The main protagonists are Gi and Riley, though they aren’t the romantic couple. There are a bunch of other characters and every single one is totally likeable. But in the whole sea of fun, nice people, Gi raises head and shoulders above everyone else on the adorability factor.

The writing is smooth, flowing, fluid and fun. Humour is difficult to nail but Hollis nails it with panache with the premise, the dialogues and all the scenes. For a short novella, this one packs one hell of an explosive humour punch.

This book is a perfect mini-break of a pocketful of fun.

PS: Senior Analyst for a non-profit think tank – definitely one of our dream jobs!

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