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Hairpin Curves by Elia Winters


Friends-to-enemies (sorta)-to-friends-to-lovers. This one covers a wide range in the relationship of the two leading ladies with excellence.

Megan Harris and Scarlett Andrews used to be inseparable in school. But that ended when Scarlett ditched Megan in college. They were supposed to go together but at the last minute Scarlett decided to go a more prestigious college elsewhere. Then when one tried to reach out to the other they were ghosted. Now they don’t have anything to do with one another though they live in the same town. Their school group used to be a trio with Juliet completing the triumvirate till she moved to Quebec. Now Juliet is getting married and would really like her two best friends to be there. So with all sorts of reservations, Megan and Scarlett decide to make a road trip from Florida to Quebec, together.

As they start travelling together, they rediscover each other. Learn things about the other that they didn’t imagine. Gain insights and understanding about their own and the other person’s behaviour.

Megan and Scarlett are everyday women written with such depth and detail that they become real. Their fears and anxieties resonate. Their hopes and dreams are tangible. Their disappointments and self-doubts are empathise-able. The attraction between them is believable. Particularly the back history when one had an unspoken crush on the other and the other had a feeling that she didn’t recognise because she was unaware of her sexuality.

Initially there is quite a bit of what each found wrong in the other when they were friends. While this sounds like they didn’t really like each other, it is something that is so, so real. When we’ve split from someone it is easier to focus and remember what we didn’t like about them rather than all the great things about them that leave us pining for what is not.

The only thing that was not quite easy to swallow was the easy nudity and un-understandable comfort with masturbating in the other’s presence. That didn’t flow too well with the otherwise perfect narrative of re-finding their old friendship.

As always, we have a soft spot for the person who is braver about going out on a limb with their emotions, so Scarlett wins for us. Not only for her bravery towards the end but her vulnerability throughout, for her honesty and for the way she puts Megan first.

This one was a lovely read which we completely recommend.


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