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Her Secret Love by Chanel Ivy

A pocket packet filled chock-a-block with predictable drama.

Georgia Hunt owns a very successful company that she's built from scratch. She married very young and that marriage has now fallen apart since she and her husband are in completely different mind spaces. Katrina Smith is a new temp accountant in Georgia's company. Georgia has an immediate attraction to the hot, confident, gorgeous, somewhat cocky temp and they fall into a sexual relationship almost immediately.

Kat seems to have some secret past and deflects any questions about it. Despite the secrecy, both the women find their feelings for each other deepening even as Georgia's husband steadily loses control on sane behaviour.

This is a compact read which is more about the drama than about characters or characterisation. There's a sex scene almost as soon as the two women meet. We thought that meant this would be an out-and-out erotica but after maybe one more explicit scene, the concentration was mostly on Georgia's deteriorating marriage i.e. The drama aspect. But then, it also wrapped up with a sex scene. So we imagine that the intention was for this to be more erotica than anything else.

This is a short, not emotionally or mentally involving, rather forgettable read which nevertheless serves a single episode soap-operatic-high-drama purpose. 


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