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Just One Reason by Jaime Clevenger


Sizzling hot chemistry and very, very explicit scenes make this more erotica than romance – though there is romance too.

Dr. Terri Anderson is an amazing doctor but has had a couple of setbacks in her relationships. Two divorces to be exact. The second marriage was to a resident in the hospital which ended up in a triangular drama of rather epic proportions. After that fiasco, Terri has sworn off ever getting involved with a resident.

Elizabeth Samuels (Sam) is a resident in Terri’s hospital. At thirty-one, she is older than a typical resident, but has her reasons for getting in late. Sam has had a crush on Terri from the start and when a colleague tries to set them up, Sam is all for it, except that she runs into Terri’s hard line about steering clear of residents despite scorching chemistry between them.

Terri is quite interesting as a character. Sam – we never really got Sam or even really got to know her. The attraction and chemistry between the two is crazy and once the sex starts, it eclipses everything else. The sex is in the BDSM world, but it is not intense. So it is palatable BDSM.

The forty-one million mentioned is the blurb is the defining touchstone for Sam’s characterisation, motivations and background. Maybe a little more development of their respective backgrounds and personality development would’ve helped in knowing the ladies better.

The writing is solid, but somehow we didn’t feel too invested in the relationship despite actively liking Terri. Nevertheless, we’d definitely recommend this as NSFW romantic erotica.

This is the third part of a series which has recurring characters, but each book can definitely be read standalone.  


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