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Kiss Me Every Day by Dena Blake



Wynn Jamison, COO of an IT company is a ruthless professional. She also carries a torch for Carly Jamison, nee Evans, who is marries to Wynn's sister, Jordan. Carly is a leading marriage counsellor and though her marriage has completely deteriorated almost completely because of Jordan, she refuses to end it. Wynn and Carly had a mutual spark but Wynn had stepped away when Jordan claimed that Carly was "the one". Carly has planned a romantic evening with Jordan for the anniversary of their first date but Jordan engineers it such that Wynn and Carly end up sharing the evening. They talk about what happened a year back and end up kissing.

Post that kiss, Wynn wakes up in some alternate reality / dimension. The day she wakes up in this new dimension is one where her actions had far-reaching consequences on many lives. 

This book is Groundhog Day with Wynn reliving the same day over and over again. She is fully aware of each day and everything that's happened in her life before and after that day, but no one else seems to be aware of anything but their current reality. She keeps changing her actions especially at work and with Carly to change the outcomes but no matter what she does, the same day recurs ad infinitum

Through the events, present and the looping ones, Carly's character is fairly well etched. You also get a definite feel of secondary characters like Wynn's two sisters and her boss. Wynn however remains rather dimensionless. 

The sweetest moment in the book is when the titular phrase is uttered. 

This well written book is an interesting read because of the whole premise of getting repeated opportunities to right wrongs (it takes Wynn seven attempts to correct things). But honestly? We'd  have much rather preferred it to have been written in the present continuum and read how Wynn and Carly find their way to each other overcoming past mistakes and choices.

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