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The Billionaire's Fake Fiancée: A Lesbian Romance by Clara Reese

A fluffy book about a fake engagement, but not entirely a fake romance, between a rich-girl-poor-girl.

Leah Davis is a hugely successful IT professional, CEO of her own company and out and proud. Her life is fodder for the gossip mill and her real and made-up affairs are constantly being written about. 

Jenny Mason is a songwriter and singer, singing at a open mic on the regular to a disinterested audience of a handful of people, dreaming big dreams. One small step upwards is when she's approached to provide the entertainment at the bash of some big company.

The newest rumour about Leah is that all her public affairs are a cover-up for her real involvement with a married woman -- that too a woman married to a member on the advisory board of Leah's company. After having hooked up with Jenny, the entertainer during the company meeting, Leah asks Jenny to be her fake fiancée till the storm blows over.

Jenny agrees with three conditions, one of them being, no feelings to be developed by either of them. Which turns out to be easier said than done for both. 

This one is a pocket packet – a book that has most elements of a full-fledged novel, but rather than get into depth of characterisation or relationship-building and relationship development, it skims along surface providing just about a glimpse of everything. Pocket packets are undemanding quick reads that don’t particularly stay with you for any length of time (of course, there are some exceptions – shorties that stay). This one is rather heavy on explicit scenes, some with light BDSM, this is a romantic erotica pocket packet.

Leah and Jenny are both pretty okay. They have a fairly good equation particularly since they mostly talk and don't create unnecessary hurdles and angst. There is a little bit of dithering before they confess their feelings but not to a point where they behave badly with the other. There is a little tension created by an antagonist -- one of Leah's exes, Madeline. However, Madeline ends up being rather tragic because she had real feelings that were dismissed and she was unfairly diminished.

The are instances of the wrong MC name being used which creates confusion. Beta readers are absolutely essential for indie authors to avoid such regrettable important errors.

Within its niche, this is pretty okay.


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