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The Business of Love by Emma Collins


Quinn Lawson went into her family business of real estate agency. Her beloved father had a dream of moving into real estate development. Quinn is determined to make her father’s dream come true and has been buying all the properties in a quiet Brooklyn street. There is just one house owned by an elderly lady in her nineties, with no family, left. But Quinn’s plan go a little awry when the lady actually wills her house to Lauren Burke.
Lauren is a chef with a future ambition of opening her own restaurant. Having had a poor coming-out experience with her family, Lauren is on her own, working hard. She is fair, kind and giving which is what made her one-time neighbour will her property to Lauren.
When Quinn arrives on Lauren’s new doorstep with a six-figure offer for the house, Lauren is taken aback, but not interested. Quinn is in a hurry to get the property because she wants her ailing father to know that his dream is on its way to materialise before he passes.
Quinn and Lauren have a stand-off over the house, neither willing to let go for their own reasons. A mutual attraction complicates matters further for them.
Quinn and Lauren are both okay women. Lauren gets the edge on being nicer because she is a little more open and Quinn employs at least one underhand move for the house. Both the woman are well developed characters and it’s easy to see where each one is coming from. The chemistry between the two is good. The pacing of the narrative is even and easy.
Within its niche of being a pocket packet, this age-gap romance is definitely a good choice.  

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