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The Wrong Date by Sienna Waters


A thoroughly entertaining romcom with two lovely leading ladies in one very well-developed relationship.

Millionaire Annie Harland has serious self-confidence issues stemming from her high school experiences. As a scholarship student in an elite, expensive school, Annie never felt she belonged, was always the outsider and did her best t minimize her presence. Now despite her immense success, she is still struggles with asserting herself. When Annie receives an invitation to her high school reunion, going is obviously out of question till her best friend convinces her otherwise. The only thing missing to make all her classmates eat crow is that Annie is still single, a status which can be corrected by hiring an escort for the reunion.

When Annie scrolls through the names of the available escorts the least intimidating is Robin, who brings up images of a slightly nerdy, approachable guy. Annie goes to interview the escort before hiring them with many misgivings and second thoughts. All of which seem justified when Robin turns out to be a tall, beautiful, extremely sexy woman who is surprisingly easy to talk to and actually makes Annie feel confident. After hearing about being chosen by mistake – Annie was definitely looking for a male escort – Robin connects her with a colleague. But Annie chooses Robin because of how comfortable Robin makes her.

They decide to spend some time together before the reunion so that they make a convincing couple. As they get to know each other better their initial attraction towards each other deepens into more serious feelings.

This is a perfect romcom – engaging dialogues, entertaining friends with their own personalities, totally likeable leading ladies, a little bit of angst, personal growth and development in both the heroines thanks to their relationship and a grand-gesture ending. We liked Robin a bit more for how supportive she was in her relationship with her friend. That and her ability to hear made her a tad more special. We also loved the scene with her mad navigational skills and her trait of defensiveness.

In all the entertaining fluff there is one moment of unexpected emotional insight. It’s a scene between Annie and the high school Mean Girl, Felicity. During their conversation, Felicity makes Annie realise that no one in their class actually made Annie an outsider. Annie did it herself out of her own complexes and defensiveness. Makes you pause a minute and wonder how many negative experiences do we create for ourselves as self-fulfilling prophesies.

This is a perfect choice for something feel-good and entertaining.


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