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Art of Magic by KJ


This book is everything sexy, everything sweet and everything romantic.

Catherine (Cath) Monroe leads a full life. She is close to her family, enjoys her job as an English teacher embraces her sexuality (she is bi) and totally owns the sexual being that she is. She is a chance encounter with Rica Diamandis at a conference and realises that she’s failed Flirting 101 when she misses exchanging phone numbers with the woman who set all her motors running. Serendipitously Rica is the new art teacher in the same school Cath works in and she is equally interested in Cath.

 A shadow falls over Cath’s perfect life when her father takes ill and is hospitalised. Plus, the nascent relationship between Cath and Rica is in the danger of being derailed when Cath feels Rica is keeping secrets.

Cath is adorable (read that in all caps, bold font). She is honest, outspoken , emotional, self-aware, sexual and totally sorted. Rica is such a perfect person for Cath. She is patient, charming, giving and so, so romantic. They make a wonderful couple. The secondary characters are finely drawn and thoroughly likeable – particularly the three members of Cath’s department, the principal, Felicity and of course, Sam. Cath’s best friend, Sam, and her partner Abby from Coming Home (another great book) have extremely welcome cameos in this one.  

We love the fact that the relationship between Cath and Rica is solid and keeps building. The pressures and setbacks that they face are all from outside which they handle together and keep solidifying their relationship.

This book is absolutely brilliant. Madly engaging and immersive. So very recommended. 

PS: A shoutout to KJ: can we have a book about Felicity and Tal? Please?


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