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Everything We Never Wanted by Sienna Waters


Alex Blakely has wanderlust. All she wants to do is travel, do small jobs whenever she needs the money while travelling and then travel some more. But suddenly her life changes and she becomes responsible for a sweet seven-year-old, Libby. Libby is Alex’s niece and though Alex and her sister, Claire, weren’t exactly close, Alex is Libby’s only living relative.

 Kat Stein is an elementary school teacher in charge of the second grade. She is passionate about teaching. All Kat ever really wanted was a wife, a child, a stable home and to teach. She had it all till a year ago when her wife divorced her accusing Kat of being ‘boring’ and Kat lost everything including her home. The only thing that she still has is her teaching. With dire financial straits, it seems like Kat may need to rethink even her beloved job.

The two diametrically opposite personalities somehow mesh together perfectly till things need to get more real.

Waters does a fabulous job creating the circumstances of Alex and Kat in the beginning. You feel them totally. You get their mindspace perfectly. Alex’s character arc through the story is extremely well done.

We liked Kat instantaneously and felt very strongly for her and have a huge problem with her being branded ‘boring’ repeatedly, especially way too often by herself. Even the ways she tries to ‘change’ herself makes you feel rather sad. We also thought she was a little too giving and forgiving – which can actually be explained by her very low self-esteem.

The relationship between the MCs is surprising in the sense the emotional connect is there but the chemistry is tepid.

 This is a fairly quick, okay read.


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