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Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers


A wedding planner who doesn't believe in marriage and a divorce lawyer who had unshakable faith in marriage. A marriage-shy divorcee who knows how to be in a relationship and handle the rough parts with maturity and a marriage-keen romantic who is rather clueless about how to deal with the uncomfortable moments of disagreement in a relationship. Very interesting character contexts in this one.

Theodora (Teddi) Baker is possibly the best wedding planner in town. She's built up an enviable reputation and a successful business, Hopeless Romantic, ground-up. She used to be even more successful with three storefronts instead of the current single one. She had to close two of them to pay alimony when she got divorced. Naturally, Teddi has low interest in relationships and no interest in getting married again.

Leah Scott is s successful divorce lawyer with a not-so-secret craze for romcoms looking for her own happily ever after. 

Leah's little sister, Kelly, is getting married. Kelly chooses Teddi as her wedding planner. Teddi and Leah have sparks and electricity right away but first past history and then personality differences rock the boat.

Teddi and Leah are instantly likeable. The chemistry between them is rocking. The progression of their relationship is so much sweetness. The conflict is not contrived (hallelujah) -- in fact, it is practically written into the narrative right from the beginning so you understand both of them but totally want them to work it out.

The supporting cast of free ends, mama Scott and Kelly are also very likeable. The relationship between Leah and Kelly is totally endearing. 

This is a sweet, easy, feel good read.


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