Breathless by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Short, sweet and sexy – we loved this book. Lara is a movie star whose career has crashed and burnt. She is in the throes o...

Relevé by Max Ellendale


Maya, a cop with the Seattle PD, returns home from a three month long undercover operation and finds that she is homeless thanks to having trusted and depended on her careless father. Emotionally raw from the operation, Maya is at her lowest, skulking in an alley as she tries to grapple with the splinters of her life when she sees Vivian. They exchange a few words and turns out that Vivian teaches dance in the studio behind which Maya has taken refuge. After Vivian returns inside, Maya lays down right there and ends up napping. She’s woken by Vivian who offers her food, shelter and a phone, which Maya uses to call her cousin, Nora.

When Maya regains her life a couple of days later, she visits the lovely lady and a closeness develops between them. However, Maya is besieged by nightmares of her time undercover and cannot share her secrets with Vivian, though they are getting more and more into each other.

Ellendale writes these amazing women who are loving, caring, nurturing, mature, knock-out beautiful and burning hot. Vivian is that in this book and it is impossible to not fall into her. This character is typically offset by a troubled, rather broken counterpart. The troubled character can be an uncertain factor. We’ve loved some of them and hated others with a passion. In this, obviously, Maya is the troubled soul. However, she is not dislikeable (thank god) – with the single exception for her secret keeping from Vivian. Also, Maya doesn’t seem very strong. Given her childhood and her recent undercover experience, this can be justified but it felt like others were constantly fighting her battles for her and basically wrapping her in cotton wool. Clearly, we loved Vivian and don’t think Maya measures up…but okay. There are plenty sweet moments and loving words to warm our romantic hearts and make us okay with this couple.

The third constant in Ellendale’s books is a very strong, very loving support system (usually peopled with crossover characters from her other works). That, in fact, is one of the loveliest fictional worlds she writes – that whole big (and constantly growing) family of choice.

And this above all – the sex. Hot. Lots. Awesome.

Though an average book by the yardstick established by this author, Ellendale is inarguably an excellent author, which makes this one very readable.


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