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Spindrift by Anna Burke


When a character grabs your heart on introduction and you are totally invested in a book by the end of the first chapter, you know this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Emilia Russo is struggling on many levels when she comes to Seal Cove to deal with her late father's estate. Morgan Donovan is an ambulatory vet with a thriving practice in Seal Cove. Decades ago, when Emilia still visited her father during summers, she'd had a crush on Morgan. Decades later the attraction is still there and this time Morgan not only sees Emilia but returns the feelings. But with both of them, and Emilia in particular, struggling emotionally, it's not easy going.

No synopsis can capture the true depth of characterisations or the many textures of the various relationships in this book. Relationships not only between the two leading ladies but with an extensive supporting cast of friends, families, coworkers and pets. 

In her bio, Burke writes "...drinking too much tea, which she prefers hot and strong—just like her protagonists.” Hot and strong is the perfect description for not only Emilia and Morgan, but for most of the women we meet in this story. Burke writes her people with depths and dimensions that make them tangibly real.

Emilia is someone who captured our heart and imagination completely. Morgan was a good foil to Emilia's strength and sexiness most of the time. Most of the time, not always, though. Especially towards the end where our liking for Morgan was severely tested. She does redeem herself later, but just about. On the other hand Emilia is a brilliantly explored and layered personality who just grows more and more compelling in each scene. 

We usually dread the compulsory conflict towards the end and maybe, this one didn't really need it. It would've moved perfectly well without the conflict, but then, we'd have missed Emilia's sexy assertiveness in the resolution conversation. 

Hot, hot, hot sexy times in this one. Utterly and totally awesome. And plenty of them. Okay, maybe a little more than expected, but sooo good. The chemistry between the leading ladies is so good that the sex becomes more than just erotica even for the reader. That is quite an achievement.

We see at least two more books within the Seal Cove universe and this group of friends. We can't wait for them.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.

PS: We'd like to put in our request to Burke to write one for Morgan's ex, Kate. In her brief appearance, Kate was just so lovely. Also, in her relationship with Morgan, Kate got the bad deal and she deserves love, romance, attention and happiness. We'd love to read abut Kate getting her sweeping romance. 


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