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The Secret of You and Me by Melissa Lenhardt


It's been eighteen years since Nora Noakes was thrown out of her house by her father. She never returned to her hometown, Lynchfield, Texas. Now that her father is dead, Nora is back in town for his funeral. 

During her time away, Nora has made a life for herself in DC. A war veteran with a talent for languages, she is still employed with the government and has a relationship with a married woman. She has no intention of staying in the town that has chequered history for her. History in the shape of her first boyfriend, Charlie and erstwhile best friend, Sophie; who are now married to each other. 

Sophie with big dreams and a plan of getting out of the judgemental town with Nora. Sophie who was much more than a best friend.

This book has high drama and intense emotions. Though the hook is Nora, Sophie owns the story. She is broken, vulnerable, struggling but also strong, honest, brave and capable of intense, deep emotion unbroken and untainted by time. Sophie is one of the most well realised pen people we've ever met. We love everything about her and were totally floored by her. She kept growing deeper and stronger as a person in every scene.

Nora with her self-preservation and emotions contained by self-protection pales in comparison. Seriously, if you can decide how much to love, is it even love? She is repeatedly accused of selfishness by various characters and that is totally correct. This is established right in the first scene with her expectations from her sister but to whom she gives nothing. There is nothing about Nora that justifies not one, but two women putting their lives on line for her. If only Nora was a better person, this would have been an exceptional book.

This is a second chances romance but the whole effort to create a second chance is only Sophie's. She is alone in the want, in the effort and in the emotion. Where Sophie lived her relationship with Nora even in the intervening years, Nora lived her own life. Where Sophie is expected to upend her whole life and reality for a relationship with Nora, Nora offers nothing in return. Nora is cruel and self-centred with Sophie and her current girlfriend, Alima (who incidentally has upturned her world for Nora). 

Sophie's love has depth, breadth, height and intensity. Nora's involvement feels superficial in comparison which she covers with grand gestures.

Despite all of Nora's failings and shortcomings, Sophie makes this book. It is a highly involving read which draws you in and keeps you turning the pages desperately wanting Sophie to get happiness.

We recommend this one totally for Sophie, the sap, drama and emotions. 


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