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Wrong Number, Right Woman by Jae


This one is the ultimate fantasy and wish-fulfilment of all shy, socially awkward, overweight lesbians (including us).

Shy, sweet and awkward Denny works in a grocery store and has her sister, Salem, and tween niece, Bella, living with her. Thirteen years her junior, their parents kicked Salem out when she got pregnant at seventeen and Denny became Salem’s safe port and also something of a defacto parent to Bella.

One evening, fashion-challenged Denny receives a message from an unknown woman asking first-date outfit advise. Turns out that the unknown woman had a wrong number but the texts continue. Enough to become a highlight for both, Denny and Eliza.

Their connection deepens and their relationship slowly moves from texts to calls to actual in-person meetings.

We absolutely love toaster-oven romances. We are suckers for the ‘gay for you’ trope. We adore assertive femmes. We like slow burn. We are all for sizzling chemistry. And this one checks all these boxes.

We love the way Eliza takes the time and interest to understand Denny even when they’re just texting. That, right there is one fantasy. We love that Eliza takes the time to understand herself and then gathers her courage to make herself vulnerable to Denny. Fantasy two. We love that Eliza is sure enough about her feeling to be open about her relationship with Denny to her family. Fantasy three.

There is some mess with the timeline in the narrative in the sense the period of time Eliza and Dennt have been texting; how long since they've known each other; how long since they spoke or met -- it's all a little wonky but not detrimental.

Our only real issue with this book is the butch-femme binary. We are so not fans off that. It’s not like we want two femmes. But we do like chapstick lesbians, people on the spectrum, more female-presenting women much more than the suit-and-tie wearing, male-presenting butches. Somehow the butch rather puts us off. But we seem to be in some sort of a minority about this.

Despite our reservations, this is a wonderful romance with a fabulous leading lady in Eliza.


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