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Confessions of a Dreamer by Kenna White


Ros McClure works in the internal audit department of a university. She is a shoo-in for the top position when her boss retires but is bypassed. It doesn't sit well with her, particularly since her new boss is clueless about the work. As she is dealing with this setback in her life, she gets the news that her aunt, Bonnie, has been hospitalised. She flies back home and realises that Bonnie is being taken care of by Stacy Hagen, Ros' erstwhile biology teacher and high school crush.

Bonnie's ill-health, a class reunion and other things align for Ros to return back and be with her aunt for a while. Ros realises that despite twenty-five years having passed, she is still attracted to Stacy. And this time, it looks like her interest is returned.

This book had so much potential which has not been realised. Ros and Stacy, it turns out were always into each other. Because of the whole teacher-student relationship Stacy chose to tamp the attraction. This itself gives an opening for so much delicious burn when they are in each other's orbit after two and a half decades. There was so much possibility for great chemistry. But this is entirely missed -- and that hurts because we could actually read the book as it could've been. 

We also feel that if Ros' diary had been used differently in the narrative -- interspersing it and building the feeling throughout the narrative would probably have made the romance more tingly and butterfly-y. As it is narrated, there doesn't seem enough depth in the relationship for the finale.

We're not sure about Ros' pragmatism with her aunt. Bonnie is the person who gave Ros a home and unconditional support and love. Yet when her health is nosediving, Ros seems to be perfectly fine leaving someone else to take care of her instead of actually making any effort to be there for Bonnie. How?

Stacy, as a person, is unreal. She is constantly looking after endless people on a pro bono basis and yet she doesn't come across as particularly nice or kind -- she just comes across as impossible. And then there is her weird, intrusive behaviour with regards to Ros' old diary. 

This one is a lost opportunity of being a great book.


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