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It's in Her Kiss by Rachel Lacey



Sophie Rindell and Julia Vega are struggling Broadway actresses. They meet while auditioning for the same role. The role is of the leading lady, Bianca, a dream for both of them. After the audition, Sophie invites Jules to hang out with her and her friends and Jules accepts.

Sophie is out and undeniably attracted to Jules. Jules is curious but hasn't taken any action on her possible attraction towards woman. 

Both get a call back, but while Jules is cast as Bianca, Sophie is part of the ensemble and an understudy for the two main leads. As the rehearsals progress, Jules and Sophie's relationship also progresses. But both carry their own baggage that interferes with their relationship.

This book is equally story driven and character driven and really scores high on the characters-driven aspect. Jules and Sophie are complete human beings with positives and negatives. With ambitions and fears. With hopes and dreams. With multiple aspects and dimensions. 

Lacey does a brilliant job with keeping all actions of each of them in the perfect trajectory of their character. All their actions are understandable since we get to know their drivers so well.

Jules, with her softness, vulnerability and awareness is a tad higher on the appealing quotient. Even when she messes up due to being in the closet, she is quick to realise it and apologise. Sophie is much more confident, a little more aggressive and explicably (because of past experience) self-protective. Yet she reaches beyond her fears and frustrations, which is so admirable.

We were totally drawn into the story and into the characters. This book was a wonderful read and we wholeheartedly recommend it.


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