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Something Far Away and Happy by Bryce Oakley

College romance; heartbreak; a decade thence. 

Julia Evans was completely swept away by the dashing Remington Van Der Meer when they were both studying in McManus College. Julia was pre-med and Remington was on her way to join MIT for MBA. Remington asks Julia to go to Boston with her and Julia agrees. As she is packing, Julia receives an email ostensibly from Remington with a link to an article about Remington's engagement to a woman who is definitely not Julia.

Ten years later, Julia is an interior decorator and has been offered a meeting with a hermit-like fresh divorcee living hidden in the mountains to redo their entire house. The meeting was set up by the hermit's assistant, but it is still a big enough job for Julia to make the trip. 

What Julia doesn't expect is that the new divorcee will be her Remington, still as attractive as ever. Or that their chemistry will still be bubbling like a decade back. Or that Remington feels that Julia had cheated on her all those years back.

Julia and Remington are both nice enough. We liked Julia more between the two, though there's a lot of sweetness in Remington too. The whole past break up was a tad too convoluted. We were rather disappointed with the lack of any real moving angst about the past in both when they first re-meet. The fact they don't address the past immediately was also surprising.

We always want to like Bryce Oakley's books more than we actually do. We're usually let down and left feeling that the relationships she writes don't have depth and that emotions are not fully developed. Everything falls just a little short for us.

This is a middling book with a couple of fun dialogues, a couple of fairly good sex scenes, fairly likeable MCs and maybe a couple of good supporting characters.


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