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Starting Over by Carol Wyatt


This one is an age gap, rich girl poor girl, celebrity (more like semi-brity) romance.

The main players of the story:

Alexandria Ryder: a relationship expert, a published author and a closeted lesbian.

Blake: Alex's beard, a soccer player who is also in the closet. 

Payton: a waitress who is also a covert paparazzo 

Payton sees Alex in the bar of the restaurant she works in and is immediately attracted. Alex has a meal with Blake and when they leave, Payton follows them, discovers that Blake seems to be involved with another man. The next day, on one of her covertly clicking celebrities outing at a hiking trail, Payton sees Alex readying for a run, follows her, sprains her ankle and has Alex looking after her. There is attraction and their relationship starts.

Blake wants to come out and even as she encourages him, Alex is in a bad place worrying about the impact on her career. At the same time, her relationship with Payton grows.

Despite all the drama in the events of this book, this is exhaustingly mediocre filled with people without any personality, stilted dialogue, behaviours that don't flow with the characterisations or narrative and most tragically, an utter lack of chemistry. 

Really, for someone so worried about her career, we cannot imagine why Alex would spill her life story and confide her sexuality to a woman (Payton), a complete stranger who she literally picked up on a hiking trail, in their very first interaction.

This is a book that makes us want to demand our time spent on it back.


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