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The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson


The context: Multiverse, a way to hop between the different Earths and world walkers.

Cara is a world traverser. She is one of the few people on Earth Zero who goes from one Earth to another collecting information and data. There are 382 Earths and a person can be a traverser if they do not exist on most of the other Earths. Cara exists on only seven other Earths. 

Each Earth is populated by the same people as Cara's and have the same past but a different present. 

Cara is a little bit reckless. A little bit of a rebel. And a whole lot attracted to and interested in her watcher, Dell. Cold, distant, indifferent Dell. Cara's been flirting with Dell for five years but is constantly met by the same wall.

The other people in Cara's life are her sister, Esther; her mentor, Jean; the man who invented the technology to traverse, Adam; the emperor of the rough land beyond the rich Wiley City, Nik Nik and a clutch of other minor (but not unimportant) characters.

Each Earth is in the same band of miserable with slight differences in the degree of miserableness, yet the book is not depressing. It is an action and emotion packed story with unexpected twists and turns.

Though there is a brief mention of the Middle East, all action remains contained in the world created by the writer consisting of the rich Wiley City, the rough Ashtown and the Rurals beyond Ashtown.

The world building is good and the character-across-Earths creation with regard to Cara and Adam is incredible. The writing is beautiful.

Cara is a strong, well rounded character. She is a great protagonist. However, Esther, in a much smaller appearance captured our admiration. And Dell, in an even smaller page presence, stole our heart. She is incredible in her strength, intelligence and above all in her loving. Major character crush on Dell happening here.

The ending is a little open ended but we believe that it is a HEA for Cara and Dell.

Definitely recommended.


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