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Lockset by Brenda Murphy


Eunice (Eun) Park is a litigator in Chicago and has been with the same firm for fifteen years. She is estranged from her father who, in their last meeting five years back, had gathered a group from his church to pray the gay out of her. 

When Eun receives a call from her father asking to meet her, she demurs and pushes it away to a couple of weekends later. But the meeting never materialises because her father dies of a massive coronary before that. So Eun goes back to settle the estate. 

Morgan Wright is a locksmith working with her father in a business owned by them and also a part-time animal shelter volunteer. Morgan and her sister were the people who discovered Eun’s father’s body when they responded to a call about a dog. Morgan takes the dog back home, since she almost instantly bonds with him. 

When Eun comes to town, she is in in multiple messes – dealing with her father’s demise, grappling with her extended family’s homophobic hate and getting a hard time at work amongst other things.

She hooks up with Morgan almost instantly thinking it would be just a hook-up driven by the overwhelming emotions she is trying to handle. However, the hook-up becomes more over even while there seems to be some mystery surrounding her father’s accounts and personal life. 

This is most definitely an erotic romance. There are lots (in all caps) frankly hot sex scenes – much like Jump Then Fall and Begin Again by Sarah Sanders. 

Given her circumstances, Eun’s pull-push-indifference behaviour with a truly supportive and all-round great partner-material Morgan becomes somehow explicable and you really root for them to get onto the same page fast. The mystery parts are okay but the relationship rules. And of course, the sex.

This is a pretty okay read.


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