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Two to Tangle by Melissa Brayden


This is the second in the Tangle Valley series by the inimitable Melissa Brayden. 

Gabriella Russo has moved to small town, Whisper Wall in Oregon, as the chef for the in-the-pipeline restaurant to be opened in Tangle Valley Vineyard owned by Joey Wilder. Gabriella moved to Tangle Valley with her ex, Joey’s close friend, Madison LeGrange, a winemaker of note. Gabriella and Madison sucked as a couple but rock as friends and the threesome have become very close. 

Ryan Jacks is the contractor chosen to build the restaurant, Tangle. Girl with tools, she is quite a player around town knows for her no-strings-attached hook-ups. 

Gabriella and Ryan are attracted towards each other but their path becomes rocky when Madison finds renewed interest in Gabriella and Ryan lets her person demons get better of her.

First off – the writing. Brayden’s unique whimsical funny is always a delight to read and in this one she leans into it with even more self-assurance. The writing, as always, scores big time. 

Gabriella is awesome. Sassy, talented, funny, fiery and all things good. She is a very, very well-developed character. 

We didn’t completely get Ryan. She’s never been in love before so she’d never been hurt before. Given that, her fear of being open is not quite understandable. We do understand the feeling of Imposter Syndrome and not being good enough, but Ryan just carried it too far and too long. Especially when Gabriella, despite Ryan’s disappearing tricks, conquers her hurt and declares her feelings – only to be met with silence from Ryan. Not cool. 

The group of the three friends rocks even if they sound, think and act impossibly alike.  

On the whole a thoroughly entertaining read since it is as always, smartly written by the queen of excellent light reads.


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