Delicate by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gosh! What a beautiful romance! Sports romance with the most gorgeous MCs. Valentina González was a promising tennis playe...

Sparks Fly: Excerpt

Their cab arrived and they got in, sitting close together in the centre. Their hands entwined, resting in Sara’s lap. Sara drew herself closer and slid slightly under Mira’s shoulder, pulled Mira’s arm over her breast and pressed her breast into it. Mira lost track of what she was saying. Sara looked at Mira’s unfocussed expression and felt a naughtiness coming into her…an uncharacteristic sexy, bold naughtiness.

She untwined their fingers and drew Mira’s hand between her legs to cup her cunt, covering Mira’s hand with her own and making her squeeze. Mira gasped softly and looked like her brain had said goodbye.

“Do you know Rodin’s Thinker is not really a sculpture,” Sara said as she made Mira squeeze her cunt.

Mira’s eyes were unfocussed. “Really?” Mira’s was completely blank. When Sara had unexpectedly pulled her hand between her legs, Mira felt goose bumps all over. When she started the squeezing Mira felt all her bones leave her body.

“Yeah. That man was actually Rodin’s biggest competitor so Rodin gave a contract to Medusa and had her turn him into a statue.” Sara was in control and she was enjoying this as she made Mira squeeze her cunt firmly and repeatedly.

Mira was breathing a little harder. “Oh.”

“Do you also know that David is also not really a statue,” she slipped Mira’s hand inside the front of her thong. Making her cup her cunt, skin on skin, and she again made Mira squeeze her cunt systematically, rhythmically and repeatedly. Mira gulped. “The Italian government hires two and a half thousand boys every year to stand there posing each day.” No response. Mira was struggling to breathe. Her mind was exploding.

“Mira, pay attention…,” Sara well knew that it was beyond the realm of probability for Mira to pay attention to anything other than what she was doing with her hands. “Look at me…I’m giving you very interesting information. These are the titbits that have given me all those great reviews because of which you insisted I should be your guide.” She pushed Mira’s middle finger inside her slit and made her stroke the length between her hole and her clit. This was so much more fun than she ever imagined. Seeing the effect she was having on Mira was incredible…and Just. So. Delicious.

Sara had never been physically playful and sexually forward in her life like this. Seeing the power that she exerted on Mira made her feel all sorts of breathless and wonderstruck. 

Mira turned towards her. Eyes totally unfocussed. Sara knew that Mira was seeing nothing. Sara could see the struggle that Mira was combating and the extreme control she was exerting...and she suppressed a demonic grin.

“Also, macaroons are actually a fruit,” she made Mira’s finger move in circles around her clit. “Ladurée bought five hundred thousand square hectares of land and made it a country. It’s a secret country called Macarooné,” pressing Mira’s finger on her clit and rolling the finger while pressing it into her clit firmly.         

Mira bit the inside of her lip and groaned softly. Possibly the only thing she was capable of doing by herself. She stared at Sara who was saying something…and expected her to answer. “Interesting,” she mumbled.

Sara dragged Mira’s finger downwards, lower, drawing it towards her opening. She made Mira’s finger move in a circle just at the opening. Mira was breathing fast and sweat appeared on her forehead. “They get a royalty for every single macaroon in the world. Every macaroon is hardwired to send a message of its birth, sale and consumption to the Mother Ship.” “Really?”

Sara slipped Mira’s finger inside her slowly, “If someone doesn’t pay, all other macaroons in the house or shop grow tiny legs and run away.”  Mira saw white as she was engulfed in Sara’s warm intimacy. She let out a long sigh and closed her eyes. “Wow,” Mira looked dazed.

Sara pushed Mira’s finger deep inside her, holding it in for a couple of heartbeats before pulling it out slowly. She moved the hand towards Mira’s mouth, touching Mira’s middle finger covered with her juices to her lips. Mira opened her mouth and Sara put the finger in. “Mira, what did I just tell you?” Sara was grinning now, eyes dancing with amusement.

Mira licked Sara’s wet off her finger and pulled it out, her eyes finally slowly focussing again. “Ummm, that Paris has the best tasting things?” she rallied.

Sara blushed and giggled and sat up straighter crossing her legs primly, drawing her jacket closed over them and folding her hands neatly on her thigh. “No more touching,” she said. Who was this horny, sexual, teasing, coquettish, uninhibited person who had taken her over?

“I don’t think that’s possible,” said Mira, voice still a little husky and raw, running her finger up Sara’s neck and tracing her jaw. She stretched her arm around Sara’s shoulder, drew her close and turned partially toward her. 

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