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We are currently not accepting submissions for free reviews. If you'd like to use the paid review option, scroll down for details. 

We  LOVE reading new authors and new stories.

We welcome you to submit your work for review. But before you submit your work, here are a few things you should know:

  1. We are focussed on lesbian romances, erotic romances and lesbian erotica.
  2. We welcome all types of writing and genres (but no poetry) as long as the focus is on two women loving each other and it is fiction. 
  3. We do not review non-fiction.
  4. We may selectively read other works (including BDSM, ménage à trois, group sex etc.) but that depends on our reviewers’ choice. Please note, that no matter the number of people involved, they should always be women. We are not interested in any romance or erotica involving men.
  5. We like -- love -- happy endings. 
  6. We do not review anything that is non-lesbian.
  7. We review published, self-published and unpublished works.
  8. A submission for review does not guarantee a review. Our reviewers are hard-pressed for time and it may not be possible to review every single work submitted. 
  9. We prefer epubs over any other format.
  10. You can send your work to

If you would like to ensure that your work is definitely reviewed, you can opt for our paid review program.

Paid Reviews

  1. Paid reviews ensure that your work is definitely reviewed on the site.
  2. Paying for the review ensures that your work is reviewed within two weeks.
  3. The review will be an honest review not a sales or marketing plug.
  4. The charge for a paid review is $30.

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