Delicate by Sarah Sanders

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gosh! What a beautiful romance! Sports romance with the most gorgeous MCs. Valentina Gonz├ílez was a promising tennis playe...

Tease Me Excerpt

They were sitting close together in the back seat of their cab speeding towards the airport. Joy’s arm was wrapped around Taylor and her other hand lay on Taylor’s thigh caressing it softly. She shifted her hand inwards, running her fingers along Taylor’s inner thighs.

It wasn’t like Taylor was unaffected with all the teasing of the day – though she had been the one teasing. She was in a state of high throbbing arousal herself. But it had been fun, she conceded, and the day is not yet over, the little devil on her shoulder prodded her.

Taylor took Joy’s hand and slipped it inside her top, placing it on her breast. “Think of anything you’d want to do there?” she said. Joy realised that Taylor wasn’t wearing a bra and squeezed the breast hard. Taylor let out a soft chuckle.

She slipped her hand inside the elastic waist of the black yoga pants that Joy had chosen to wear and then further found her way inside Joy’s panty. She held Joy’s clit and started squeezing it gently, holding it between three fingers and her thumb. Joy squirmed in her seat. “Like that?” Taylor breathed into Joy’s ear.

“I’d like it much better if I was doing that to you,” Joy confessed honestly.

Taylor calculated that they had about five to seven minutes before reaching the airport. Just the right amount of time, the devil in her chortled.

She undid the button of her jeans and unzipped it. “Go for it, champ,” she invited Joy.

Joy dragged her fingers down from Taylor’s breast and over her abdomen before sliding her hand inside the open jeans. Taylor spread her legs a little wider. Joy inhaled sharply, realising that Taylor wasn’t wearing a panty either. “Completely commando,” Taylor whispered into Joy’s ear.

Joy shivered a little and slid her hand fully between Taylor’s thighs…squeezing her clit gently as Taylor changed her movement to stroking Joy. The air in the cab got heated and the windows literally fogged over.

Joy slipped a finger into Taylor and the world stopped…like, actually!

“We’re here,” Taylor said with suppressed laughter as she slid her hand out of Joy’s yoga pants and drew Joy’s hand out of her pants, zipping up her jeans.

“You’re such a tease,” Joy accused, throwing her head back on the seat…beyond frustrated.

“So not true…” Taylor leaned over and kissed Joy softly, “…you know my legs are always spread wide open for you.”

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